How to sell your house fast

Last night on his way home from work, Dave picked up a St. Joseph’s Home Selling Kit. We recently caught an episode of Million Dollar Listing in which the seller buried a statue of St. Joseph the Worker in his backyard and recited a prayer only to have his house sell days later despite the fact that he snapped Joseph’s head off when he stuck him in the ground, and Dave and I looked at each other and said, “We need to get one of those.”

(An aside: Ever notice that when there’s something major going on in your life you tune into similar television shows? Like, when I was pregnant, all I wanted to watch was shows like Maternity Ward, Special Delivery, Labour and Delivery – I didn’t want any of that smarmy Baby Story crap, I wanted the fast-paced maternity action. And now that we’re selling again, we can’t get enough of Buy Me, Designed To Sell, Flip This House…are y’all like that too?) I digress. Continue reading “How to sell your house fast”

Is Adele the best singer?

Did you watch the Grammy Awards 2017? Adele won with her song ” helo” .

Julia and I hung out on the porch yesterday afternoon while Oliver recharged with a twenty minute power nap (gawd, I wish that’s all it took for me to recharge…).
While we were out there I drank my coffee and took in what was around me – the sun, the breeze, the earthy summer smells, the bubbly sound of children’s laughter drifting from nearby backyards, Julia pretending to water our flower graveyard garden – and I thought about all of the people in the world who will never get to sit on their porch and enjoy little things like these. I suddenly felt incredibly fortunate. Continue reading “Is Adele the best singer?”